You are a Tech professional. You love the Education sector. And you have a brilliant idea for an EdTech product. Now what?

EdTech is Important!

Let’s start by defining what EdTech is. According to Wikipedia:

“Educational technology, sometimes termed EdTech, is the study and ethical practice of facilitating e-learning, which is the learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.” ~ Wikipedia

EdTech EntrepreneursBut, in the context of ConvertYourIdea, we are referring to real world technologies such as smartphones, apps (on both mobile and desktop computers), websites such as for MOOCs (massive open online courses), and podcasts (allowing students to subscribe to the content they need, using the cool factor on their mobile, tablet or computer). We are also referring to techniques implemented using these technologies such as gamification that make the whole learning process enjoyable and lifelong. We are referring to real products and services implemented with the use of technology for the betterment of education.

So, why is EdTech important? Consider some of the impact that technology has already had on education. Can you imagine a world without the following?

  • Internet. Information is readily available that was once in large, heavy encyclopedias such as the Encyclopedia Britannica. With a mobile app for Wikipedia, or Dictionary, or Thesaurus, students can get quick information any time and almost anywhere.
  • Classroom. Teachers can bring along their iPad, hook it up to an online projector and use their presentation software as well as a stylus (or finger) to highlight relevant points. Multimedia can present the material in a more meaningful and engaging way. Whiteboards are optional. At the end of the presentation, the instructor could email out an assignment and the presentation.
  • Books. With the increasing number of eBooks and audio books, consumption of information is increasing rapidly. I have listened to so many audio books in the car that I cannot imagine having the time to sit down to read them.
  • MOOCs. These are sites such as Udemy, iTunesU, Stanford Engineering Everywhere, MIT OpenCourseware, Coursera. Or, check out reviews of the various online courses at CourseTalk. Free courses from reputable institutions. Schools and Universities can reach a much larger audience and reduce their costs with the increase in student numbers. Institutions are offering more and more free courses, and making money on formal assessments, exams and certifications.

EdTech Entrepreneurs Convert Ideas into Products

EdTech EntrepreneursSo, you have an idea to create an EdTech product or service. You want to be an EdTech Entrepreneur. You are inspired to create something like:

  • an app to teach practical Math using fun gamification techniques.
  • a website that will connect and help motivate lonely online student learners.
  • a podcast to inspire online instructors to enhance their teaching methods.

Excellent! The sad truth is, however, that many of our great ideas never get past the idea stage. We ALL have great ideas. We get them almost every day. Some ideas are small, some ideas are BIG, and some we JUST KNOW will change the world. If only we knew how to CONVERT those ideas. Convert them into REAL EdTech products or services. Successful EdTech entrepreneurs are doing this already.

But, new EdTech entrepreneurs start to have doubts. Those nagging doubts of inadequacy such as:

  • I just don’t know how to create that awesome app because I don’t know how to program!
  • I have no idea how to setup a Website, so how could I possibly start creating my online course?

That little devil with a pitchfork lands on our shoulder and starts whispering negative, energy sucking, doubts into our ear.

Well, smack that devil off! To be a successful EdTech entrepreneur, you need to hold onto your big idea. Keep it safe. Read our blog. Tune into our podcast as it launches. Get inspired by successful EdTech entrepreneurs as they share their journey. You too can CONVERT YOUR IDEA!